Privacy Policy

The information we collect via this website may include any personal details you type in and submit, such as name, address, email address, etc. This data allows us to recognise you, your preferences and how you use this website. This saves you from re-entering information when you return to the site. This data is collected by cookies from your navigation around the site.

Your IP address (this is your computer’s individual identification number that is assigned to your computer when connected to the Internet) is automatically logged by our web server. This may be used to anonymously note interest in our website and to identify orders that appear abnormal (i.e. multiple credit card numbers being used) in order to identify the source of fraudulent orders.

We totally respect your privacy and will not share any of the details you provide to us, with any third party.

You can, at any time, request to have any personal information about you removed from our systems, and this will be done within 48 hours.